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Inner Leadership

When we talk in energies I must say; "work on your alignment!" And yes this is quite a job, as I experienced many levels of my self; physical, emotional, mental and beyond. Where to start its so much?

When you find Inner Leadership there is a deep trust and strong navigation of how you take your steps in life. When this feels aligned it is so easy to take these steps, you just do it, you know it and you go for it. When you are at that point, you know you are rooted well, balanced as a strong tree holding the biggest storm. The Earth is Healthy and can nurture it self to the top of the leaves and branches. This all is a metaphor of course for your own inner balance, your grounding, your centring and focus, clarity of mind. You might will come in areas of yourself you did not know. This is what I call the unconscious or subconscious field of your self. When you start digging, you might need to clear things out.  

For me The Womb is the most intelligent organ of the feminine body and my Inner Guidance. I have never known this organ could hold so much wisdom and knowledge. I also call the Womb as the Cosmic Library. In my experience mainly every problem or discomfort that came to the surface was rooted in the Womb. I learned in the years how to hear her. Yes I call her Her.. its a Divined feminine InnerVoice. Also known as Intuition. For me a doorway opened of so many possibilities I could never imagine before. I could heal mySelf on many levels and nurturing and following the Wisdom within me. Im still unfolding deeper from the 'i' into the Divined I.  

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