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Leonor Kuna

" Discover and reconnect with the rhythm of the Soul. You will see, everything in Life comes back to You. "

Photo made in Azoren: " The Angels of the Sea"

Welcome Beloved Soul

Leonor Kuna: Medium, Healer & Motivated Speaker


My name is Leonor Kuna, Experiencing this Multidimensional Human Being Experience, Mother of 2 children,... and this is only the blink of an eye.



For me, the Voice is our imprint. It's like a feather that dances with the wind. But the wind can become a storm. I found many storms in my life and learned how to stay calm in the eye of the storm. The Voice became more silent and spoke to me more inwards. It was my only Guidance I could trust. Now there is no other way then just trust and follow this beautiful Inner Voice I call Soul   



Black Lion ~ Leonor 

The Voice brought me to terrifying places I rather dismissed. But there was no other way to embrace the roots of my adoption and deep traumatic wounds. To see all as an Illusion of my own Creation. To see the bigger picture from my own perspective. I had to deal over 16 years with the auto-immune disorder because of a huge lack of grounding and energy blocking. But even this was a breakthrough of vicious circles. 

I received many messages and insights since a very young age that now makes sense for me. I wish all the inspiration to You to bring you at the connection of your Sacred Inner Voice. I wish you to bring you to the dark spots with Love and Tenderness, what we call the difficult parts of Life or the Shadows. I'm here to open a gateway for you to step into the Light" 


"May your Heart be filled with Love & Compassion. May your Voice be heard and Loved." 

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Never give up, be honest, speak out, live, move, express before you know what Silence really means