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Leonor Kuna -Medium

Healer & Speaker

It is my wish to contribute to this awakening life time, to open doorways,portals and bridges for others to find themSelves


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Unique Code of Life

Leonor Kuna is a given name I resonate with. I am a Creator and a Changer.

Since I can remember I have been guided by beautiful peaceful Beings. My innerworld was intense and alive. I never lost the huge ability to sense. In this lifetime I am still learning and guiding people who resonate with the Energy Work I host. 

I have my own studio at my homebase Land of Holland for 17 years to support people through their process. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I give readings to give more clarity and direction. Facilitate healings, deep guided meditations and group transmissions for personal development.

In 2018 I decided to make an interactive speech about personal experiences of being a medium combined with practical tools for Self exploring through Authenticity. It is a honour to bring in sacred sounds during events, ceremonies & circles.

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What people experience

Leonor guides sessions in a beautiful, precise, honest and clear manner. She helps me connect with what I need to heal. I have a deep faith in her skills. What works very pleasantly for me is; the practical translation into how I can support my physical body in this process; the structure of a course with the freedom to feel what is present at that moment; the respectful dosage and pace of the process; the warmth and love that Leonor radiates.

Zepha de Roo

Trend analyst - Strategic insights - Future visions


Deeply touched, always feeling home again after the Angelic Realm sessions with Leonor

Nelson Diaz Gautier

 I feel safe and respected with Leonor. There is room for everything. Under her guidance I made a journey through my body, both my physical body and through all energetic layers. A beautiful and relaxing experience. I feel more anchored in myself. I highly recommend a session with her, she facilitates very well!

Adinda Bentz van den Berg  

Medium, Tarotist, Healer & Massage


"Wow, I feel recharged and more open."

"My body started to shake, if something was leaving my body"

"Never felt this before, that there is something more then only my physical body"

"I had a very deep experience through my senses. You felt like a wizard"

Comments during Group Sessions

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